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February 20, 2004



No need to register for the washington post, you can fake it.


I think I would rather be Lloyd. He is romantic (the ghetto blaster) and socially repsonsible (guardian of the car keys at the party), thoughtful (when he guides Ione Sky around the glass in the parking lot) yet tough (he can kickbox), supportive (of his girlfriend when Daddy goes to jail) and open with his fears (flying, losing girlfriend).

Anyway, there is, incidentally a link on my site to a 'Which Jon Hughes' film character are you?' I was Clair (Molly Ringwald) from Breakfast club


I'm just happy being me ... whatever that entails.


I'm with you Aubrey. Lloyd always had my heart but sadly, he too seems to be a fantasy figure as I've never met anyone as charmingly endearing, sensitive and cute as John Cusack/Lloyd Dobler!


hehee!! this is such a great piece, aubs! "...making a girl laugh may just be the best thing for her." HELLS YES. :) bring it! haha


Man, every girl seems to be fascinated with Lloyd Dobler and/or Holden Caulfield. I don't get it. Whatever.

Anyway, in case you haven't seen it yet, this might amuse you.

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