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February 26, 2004



Didn't anyone ever tell you that it was unattractive to gloat?

I am sitting here in my office taking calls from the stores that are closed in North and South Carolina. So far I have over 20 stores that have closed early or aren't even opening at all, and all I can think of is

'why didn't I move to Charlotte?"


I am in my PJ's too, but I am unemployed.....


I am at home in my PJ's too, but that's cause I am unemployed....


I would gladly trade our weather for yours... we're a pretty balmy 34 degrees right now... ick... the more snow the better! Enjoy!! :)


As another Ohio transplanted to the South, I was amused by it all.

Of course, it did not snow here in Huntsville. I have decided that I am the anti-snow. Because I now live up on a mountain here in town, it won't snow here. When I didn't live up there, though, it would snow and close all the time.

Not the least bit bitter.


Well I'm glad I'm at work today. Why? Because my freakin' power went out last night at about 10:30 because of the 'storm', and it's still not back on. At this rate, I may just have to spend the night here.


Snow...What snow.....what's a snow day...yup, I live in a tropical place....that place is Northwestern Illinois. We never get any good snow.

However, I can relate to your childhood/teenage memories ( I got some real good stories involving snow, cars, beer, etc. ), as I grew up in Wisconsin.

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