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March 22, 2004



Aubrey, your Mom sounds like a wonderful person. It's good that you are so at peace with 'becoming your mother'. Most people fight it tooth and nail only to realize what you already have; that it's not all that bad.

Also, she's right: let them come to you. I don't know you from Adam, but from what I've read on here you seem to be as beautiful inside as you are outside and if whomever the previous post refers does not see that or cannot recognize it, it's better that they slip away.


Aubs, your mom indeed sounds like such a wonderful women. In reading this post, I see so much of her in you already. I now see where you get your kind, unselfish, and giving personality from. I think as you continue to grow, you will become even more like her and just a little bit better.


Aubrey, I would have to agree with the previous posts. Your mother sounds like a blessing. You just made me schedule vacation time so I can go back to Ohio and visit my family.


Oh darling Sue Sabala! She's the best!


There are certain things Mums keep saying over and over in the hope they'll sink in. When I lived at home it was always `Don't read in that light, it's bad for your eyes' or `The towel won't dry all bunched up on the end of your bed' or `please untangle your socks before you put them in the hamper'. I would maintain that I didn't care about damp towels and dim light, but she'd continue to point this stuff out. Having just gotten married recently...I catch myself saying the exact same things to my husband in different ways. As humbling as it is to discover Mum was right about this stuff all along, it brings a quiet smile to my face as I realise I have already adopted parts of her and the process has begun...

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