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March 11, 2004



From all I've read about SXSW, it sounds very interesting. I like the idea of chatting about geeky things, obviously, but then again, I fear the 'Star Trek Convention' factor. Maybe it should be called 'Geek-nick'. "Geeks from all over converge on Texas!" You gotta admit it sounds a little weird. I can see the newspaper headlines now. No doubt fun, though. I haven't reviewed the band list, but one would really hope that They Might Be Giants would play... those dudes are very geeky indeed.

Your Darling Commenter

Could you bring back some interactive music films to help round out hollismb's collection?

Don't miss The Georgia Peach!!!!


Lucky, lucky girl....my friends have coined it "Rock and Roll Spring Break." All the good NC bands are playing as well as the 97s, so have fun!


Well, this is interesting. While it was Aubrey who requested an intern, somehow I've ended up with one instead. Posting comments in my honor, researching bandlists so I don't have to, and doing advertising for me. I don't remember going through the interviewing process, but I'm happy with the results nonetheless. Good spelling, grammar, and knows to add html into comments for convenience and readability. Can you pick me up some beer and drop off my dry cleaning too? :)

Look, They Might be Giants is playing after all....


so jealous... have fun!

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