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March 31, 2004



I don't do that. I hate to intrude.


Word. I don't do it either. I don't care if I've known somebody for years, I'm still gonna at least call first and say "Hey, I'm in the neighborhood." UDI's died with the inception and universal acceptance of the cell phone.


I hear you sister, I'm just saying people stay dead in their apartments much too long these days.


How was SXSW... see any UK bands that were over? I think Snow Patrol were there but not sure who else!


I seem to be blessed with the gift of being at my most dishevelled for any unannounced pop in. `Come on in! Look past the stray cookie dough that somehow made it into my hair as I was baking. Apologies for the couch and surrounding area strewn with all things crafty...have I mentioned that I'm hand-making my Christmas cards this year and have bitten off more than I can chew? I'd offer you a coffee if I had a clean mug and any kind of milk in the house. No please, sit down, relax, lets talk about YOU.' Nah - unless its an immediate family member, I hate the unpreparedness of the drop in. And, if I don't know someone is coming and I hear the doorbell ring, there's a high chance I'll ignore it for fear of being trapped in a half hour debate with the Jehovah's Witnesses...

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