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March 18, 2004


Jay Allen

It was great to meet you, Aubrey. I only wish we had more time to spend together. You're a ball of energy and there's never a dull moment when you're around.


See why I adore him? See? SEE?!?


Sounds about like my St. Patrick's day. If anyone happens to see the Leprechaun that beat me over the head while I slept, kick it's ass for me.


The refusing to wear a shirt to bed part was funny, especially when you consider that I was dressing you for bed.


So, what you're saying, Sarah, is that I should have taken you up on that invite to stay with you girls... Damn... :-)


holy hell. i went to junior high and high school with chris weatherell. i accidentally found your site by googling a sarah harmer lyric my friend brian ended an email with and how freaking weird is THAT????

and oh my god chris has gotten extra extra goodlooking in his old age. conversely, here i am babbling in the blog of someone i don't know. i think we know who has the more fulfilling life. heh.


kirsten paterson klym (in portland, or)

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