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April 23, 2004



Oh my god you sound nothing like I imagined! That is so funny! Nonetheless you sound cool.


I kinda have a cold?? (And I hate hearing my voice when recorded....)

But thanks!


Yeah, I figured you'd have a higher voice, with a Cleveland/Atlanta mixed accent, but you seem to be relatively accent free, and the voice is definitely deeper. This is a good thing.

Hope you had fun at the tire shop. I don't even know what a tire shop is like, the last time I needed a new tire I left it at the mechanic and they took care of business on their own. Of course, I probably overpaid by 200%...


Actually, you sound exactly what I thought you'd sound like, except a little deeper ... but the cold probably is the culprit there.

I totally have this fear of audioblogging.


Yeah actually you were missing the accent I thought you would have had!


Yeah, my accent (of the southern variety) comes out when drunk. You never know, a post may make its way online tonite so you can hear that...

Scott Frans

Sounds different to me. Maybe because it's the last day of class and I've been at He's Not since like 8 tonight.


Aub- Where the hell have you been?

Michael Moulton

It's good to hear you instead of just read you for a change... not sure if it would be a good blog replacement though... and I don't know exactly what I expected you to sound like, but I do like the way you sound :)


Ha! You sound just like my friend Elizabeth, same inflection and everything! (She's from Youngstown, went to college in Cleveland.)


Yeah, I can confirm she doesn't really sound like that.

The G

I think it sounds like you.


cool. greasy mechanics meet high-tech blogging.

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