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April 16, 2004


Cap'n Ken

You know, I think the wife and I ended up in the very same Starbucks in New York last year. Our search was for a bathroom and we used my WAP-enabled phone to search the Yellow Pages for Starbucks.

Problem was that 3 out of 4 "Starbucks" locations in Manhattan are actually little stands within office buildings and such that have no bathrooms.

And yes, the chai is great. Starbucks runs rings around independent coffee shops when it comes to making specialty drinks and iced drinks. And I do hate that I like the place.


If you flew into LaGuardia (SP?) take a shuttle to the Delta express area and there is a dock that has a water taxi that can drop you off several places around the city with none of the hastles of a cab (just grab one when you get in town). It think it is like 5 to 10 bucks, way faster and somewhat relaxing. You just need to know their schedule, they pick up in the city as well. I'm always surprised it is such a secret, but it saved me many hours stuck in traffic in a cab, and probably a couple of 100 bucks as well!


thought this would help you today...very funny...

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