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April 14, 2004



Not bad at all, Aubrey! You've made yourself open and vulnerable, so of course the haters will come-a-runnin'. But I (and other blogless people I know) find you very interesting indeed. So I think it is cool that you're just gonna flip The Bird over at that hostile chick and go along your merry way. You go, girl.


Well, it depends on the point of view. All bad for you (getting a place to stay in NYC rocks) or all bad for the readers (no place to stay in NYC)?


Honestly, I admire you for building "real time" friendships and connections out of the contacts you have met online. Your life has to be much richer for meeting those people who would still be strangers had you not created your site. Jealousy disguised as disgust and communicated by insults is never attractive, it is useless, and it only serves to illustrate that person's sordid, pitiful life view. I encounter plenty of people on the street each day who have miserable lives and who only want to drag others down. On the other hand, when I read your site and one or two others I enjoy, I do it because you brighten my day by sharing yourself. It helps me remember there are real, authentic, likeable people in the world. Thanks Aubrey! Keep it up!


well said. we love you. only a few don't.

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