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April 05, 2004



As a mechanical engineer, I can tell you that the words "screw" and "mount" are often used because, well, we don't get to do much of either.

That said ... spackle is your friend. As for the light fixtures ... kinda sad that I have to tell a girl to go hunt down a stud, but I guess I do. [Stud, floor joist ... whatever.] Find two, build a brace across them, voila.

Of course, that means that you get to muck with the ceiling ... at that point, this white boy pays someone to do it. Not that I can't, but mainly because I hate looking at crap craftsmanship. :)

Jay Allen

"...me standing on my bed in a tank top, my underwear, covered in plaster with a shade and a hammer in my hand, a screwdriver placed in my undies like a tool belt."

Thanks OH so much for THAT visual, aubs.

Goodbye, productivity. Happy travels and I wish for your safe and speedy return.


Aubs, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it, but I laughed until I cried and snorted reading your latest. What a riot!

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