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June 14, 2004



Totally agree. I had high hopes of an OC-like addiction. Nope. That show was bor-ing and so predictable.


Nice candle. Heh.


I thought I was going to TiVo the entire third season of Alias, and not watch a single one until I'd finished season 2, but it didn't work out. Instead, I've opted to reserve the series as a whole only for DVD and High Definition. Simply put, Jennifer deserves nothing better than DVD or better resolution, and full-on surround sound. Yes, that's right, I'm an Alias snob.

Well, I'm glad to hear that show sucks, without having to have watched it. Unfortunately, I have to admit to liking The OC. That freakin Seth cracks me up. On the other hand, even catching a single moment of 'Charmed' or 'The Gilmore Girls', even in passing, somehow awakens a murderous rage within me.

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