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June 23, 2004



jebus christmas and cry me a f'ckn river...

take one second and think not what you don't have (material and non-material) but what you do have
is it perfect, no, but that's why its called life...strikes and gutterballs as the dude says

so you don't have the love of your life, join the crowd...life seem unfair, it is...

but i've read your blog off and on for awhile now and you have A LOT going for you
-good looking
-lots of friends
-a house
-a job that allows you to afford the house, at a growing company no less
-creative talent
-live in a kick-ass city with a million fun things to do every damn day
-cool parents who love you
-and so on, and on, and on...

the majority of the problems we have are our own fault, its a tough pill to swallow, but its true...
and if you are tired of being a pushover, but don't want to be the bitch...try being the bitch for a change...trust me, its much better to be damned for doing, then not doing...
start saying what you want, and let the pieces fall where they may--don't let others dictate how you act

so wallow in your misery as long as want, but pick a day and decide to snap out of out
b/c if your life is that bad, then 99% of the rest of the world is screwed...

and yes, i'm an asshole...but i'm the nicest one you'll ever meet

take care and have a good week

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