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June 16, 2004



Wow, I'm the exact opposite. I can let a friend slide by with something stupid, or let a stranger go on and on about something they're totally wrong about, because it's really no skin of my back. But I don't tolerate the crap at work. At work, being wrong costs money, and you bet you're butt I'm gonna speak up.

It's one thing when you let it slide that someone cheaped out on dinner, but a totally different thing when somebody makes a bad decision at work. The way I figure it, they pay you to express your opinion, stand up for your beliefs, and make sure things get done right, even if that means yelling at someone in a conference room. If they want someone who simply does what they're told without asking question or knowing why, they can just grab somebody off the street.

Betty Rocker

Well you are definitely not alone in trying to put up the facade that you are tough. When it comes to controvery, I talk thee BEST game- just not to the people I should be talking to.

Maybe that's why you, me and others keep blogs? So that they can use it for the occasional vent and be themselves without consequence? It's a somewhat passive agressive way of dealing with true emotions, but at least it's out there and you are somewhat shielded from

I am always admiring those who can say what's on their mind and do it without compromise, especially at work. I want to be like that someday and I think it's just a matter of observing how others do it...and learning from there.

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