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July 04, 2004



Aubrey from what I read here on an almost daily basis I can easily say that I think that you do know what you are doing and like all of us from time to time we question ourselves and wonder if what we are doing is right. I really hope that you realize that this is only a phase and that you ARE good enough.

Yo Mama

So what makes you think that you aren't good enough?

Just wondering!


There's something inherently wrong with not feeling like we're "good enough," because the question becomes: good enough for what? Of course you're good enough. You're interesting, a good writer and people obviously like you (judging by the pictures). But something in our heads makes us questions ourselves even if everyone else in the world loves us. It makes me sad.

But I want you to know you are good enough.

Sheesh ... I sound like Mr. Rogers!

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