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July 16, 2004



I still think your site is great!! I love reading it and I will continue to read it as long as it is up!


Love the site.. keep up the good work..


If women can sleep their way to the top, why aren't we arlready there? Is there like, a huge epidemic of insomnia or something?



here's my 2 cents. it seems as though your life, in part, centers around your blog and your view of its audience. not that your blog is 'that' important, but it is the steady thing, the window, the notepad--the audience which you think expects a certain type of attitude or whatever from you.

but that's the thing...you need to write for yourself. write what you need to. don't think about posts, don't see something in the world and think of how it could turn into a good post. given your dour mood of late, i'd actually suggest a break of sorts. in times when we get down, it makes sense to cut ties/connections/obligations in order to sort out what matters and what doesn't. what would happen with a month w/o a post, for instance? last year, after 8 years of daily journaling, i stopped. and it was the best decision ever. it allowed me to experience the world without framing it in terms of what i thought about it or how it related to me. blogs, given their form, mandate an individual frame this or that in terms of themselves. lots of expectations there.

so, it sounds like you're a tad bit frustrated, like you see the blog as a barometer and audience instead of an outlet for you. seems like you've been down. take a few weeks off, get yourself happy, etc.


All I know is that reading yours inspired me to create my own. And I think if you can inspire just one person, then it's worth it and you've accomplished something special.


I'd say it's probably just because it's summer....there are other things to do. I wouldn't worry tabout it too much if I were you...


I really love reading your site. I tend to view it through NetNewsWire when i'm at work - helps put a smile on my face through the day!

Keep up the good work!


Since I am currently "trapped" in a cultural wasteland in Ohio... I rely on your writing and posts to breathe some vitality and spark into my day-to-day. You and a few other blogs let me have "some" connection. Knowing someone is writing, even if it is mostly about yourself- helps me through the patch of not enough time to do my own writing. Even if you're down, even if you feel like you are trying too hard, you are still expressing and creating. That is worth doing, and worth reading. You are one of the few people I check in to see daily if possible. Thanks for being there Aubrey.


You are now super cool and also a bigger dork because you are taking karate.


nah. not boring.


I love your site, Aubs! You must ALWAYS keep it up!!


Keep it up Aubs! Even though we don't live in the same city anymore I still feel like I know what's going on with you from the site!

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