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July 14, 2004



I've known my boy friend since grade school, and back when I was 19 I had huge crush on him, but he liked someone else. Finally after 4 years of being head over heels inlove with him, I told him and he told me the same, and we have been together ever since!


I met my wife at a party in '96, both of us watching each other- interested, but with other people. She was in a little black number she still has, looking like a mix of Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston (really!), smoking a cigar with her business partners to celebrate a succesful year end. All it took was eye contact and I was smitten. Spent some time getting to know her, but circumstances (read rich, controlling parent- her Dad) kept us apart. Then our paths kept on crossing, even though we ran in different social circles- (she was in Chagrin Falls and I was in Kent, do you know those towns?)- and then we lost track of each other for years.

She called me in '01, wanting a tarot reading. Her Dad was gone, but she was with yet another rich controlling bastard, latest in a long line of significant others who fit what her father wanted for her. She was getting ready leave him, start over and move to the West coast. I was getting ready to finish off a long distance relationship and move to Vermont, and live in a bus. We met at Ray's in Kent for a beer. We never moved. Now we are married with a beautiful son. Our first movie together was... Serendipity. Really, no s**t. Well, if that can happen in OHIO...

'Course if I could spell and put in all the words I meant to, the previous post might make more sense. Hope you get the gist of it. It is possible you know. Thanks for the link to dooce in your "currently thinking". Reminds me of how good it is, despite all the everday garbage life throws at me, to be a husband and father to the two people with whom I am meant to be. Damn.


You can find old-fashioned love on match. I did. It's hard, but worth a shot.


I don't think there is a "one" or that anything's "meant to be." There are, however, plenty of "wrong ones." I think that if you end up in love, any getting together story becomes special. Because even if you just, say, met at a bar, there was what you were wearing and that silly thing he said and maybe you spilled beer on his pants. It's special because it's your story. Even if there's no movie ending.

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