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August 12, 2004



This is the first time in the history of your website that I've posted a reply on your website. I feel that this is an emergency.
Being in the financial pit of post-honeymoon and no job, I am fully fully aware of the pressures of gift-giving, traveling for big events etc. PLEASE take Jakob and me off the list of gifts-to-give. Seriously, honestly, from the bottom of my heart, don't worry about it. I know how sick such obligations can make one feel and life is too damn short to carry that guilt around. What I would like from you, more than anything else (I couldn't be more serious here), is a personal note from you. Please believe me! We have a whole lifetime to give gifts (and oh how much more pleasant it will be when we actually have money with which to purchase these gifts), so until then, LET IT GO! Please.

In all seriousness,
Mrs. Kramer (tee hee)


I'm not as nice as Mrs. Kramer.
I want my present!

Aww, you know I'm kidding. I got some fantastic things at the party in May, and that was totally awesome (and too much!)
Save your money.

Mrs. Burgstaller

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