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August 25, 2004



they're definately a classic. my mom recently had ritz in the cabinet som i'm become re-hooked on those.


"We are the misfits, our songs are better, we are the misfits, the misfits... and we're gonna get her!" It's been playing in my head since I read this post!!


what is jello juice? omg... jem and the rockers... truly, truly outrageous! :)

ms myers if you're nasty

Aubs - I expected more from you... It's Jem and the HOLOGRAMS. Trust me on this - when your initials are JEM you pay attention to this kind of thing.


Saltines......with a bit of butter on top......yummmmmmm.......

It was Barbie and The Rockers :)

Todd G.

Try this:


My favorite. A new twist on an old classic.

El Gray

It was "Jell-o Water" in my family, but the idea is the same. I'm not sure what makes non-gelatinous Jell-o all that healthful to a sick kid, but they seemed to think it did the trick.

And yeah, it was obviously Jem and the Holograms.

The new Ritz Chips things are truly amazing.


10 bucks to anyone that can eat 7 Saltines in 60 seconds. I don't think it can be done. Seriously.

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