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August 16, 2004



I'm sorry to hear your going through all of this. I hope the storm passes soon!

Yo Mama

Don't ever forget that your bestest friend of all is always here for you!!!!!!!! Maybe not with great answers, but always ready to listen.
Sometimes you just have to let "the sad" run it's course.


Be, Oh Be

I too slowly watched all of my good friends move on to pursue something they couldn't find near me.
And the cliche rings so true: you really don't know how good you've got it until it's all gone.
It seemed so easy to make friends when I was younger. But I'm no longer living in a college town with an abundance of like-minded peers. This small rustbelt city has shown me noone I'm interested in getting to know very well.

That last bit is a cheap excuse. The truth is I was never very good at being anyone's friend and I was very lucky to share the company of the people who put up with me. I'll have to change if I ever hope to build new friendships.

I don't really subscribe to fate, but this is my first visit to this site and today's post is going to have me soul searching for some time. Thank you.

Look around. You're not really alone in the middle of the storm. It's the one's who are caught up in the cyclone that are alone. And they'll need your support to help them find solid ground again.


Bob Dylan always said it best. :)


I've been reading your page for months now ... I adore it. I found you through random shesheme searches. (I'm a huge fan) I can not figure this type pad crap out. HELP.

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