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September 16, 2004


Well, I don't actually have a suggestion for hallowe'en (although I've dressed in the past as a hippy and a television), and I don't actually know you, but found your website through All-Consuming. I only noticed because you have my name, and since it's not exactly a common name, I decided to see who you are a bit. Good luck with hallowe'en!


Last year I was a bag of Jelly Bellies and I have to say it was the cutest costume ever - and super cheap to make. Get 2 clear bags from the dry cleaners, a couple bags of water balloons or regular balloons, and some cute ribbon. Blow up the balloons and fill the dry cleaner bags about half way. Use the ribbon to tie the bags to your front and back (like a sandwich board). Go to www.jellybelly.com, copy one of their logos, super-size it, print it, and tape it to the front of your bag. Although this costume is super cute, I will caution you - it takes up a lot volume. If you are heading out to a party that may be crowded then that crowd is not gonna be happy with you. I spent the whole night trying to sqeeze my balloons through doorways and groups of people, all while making sure no one tried to pop the balloons. But on the up-side, when the alcohol kicks in you can yell to everyone that passes by "I've got the FLAVA!" As in the flavor assortment...yeah, drunk college parties are soooo hilarious. Some other big hits of the night: Jesus, secret service agent (just use the cordless mic from your cell phone as the ear piece), a mad scientist, and a clan of Smurfs.


A stripper BEFORE the batchelor party. Fully dressed as:
a delivery woman
meter maid
nurse (my favorite)

Just carry a boom-box with a copy of Warrant's "cherry pie" in it(or get a strapping male friend to be your "protection) and you are officially a stripper!


One year, I was invited to a Halloween party about four hours before it started. I had to think of something quick and witty. So, I went to a cosmetic counter and bought a tube of facial mask that (this is key) dried clear. I dressed normal and applied a thick layer to my face, neck, and arms. After it dried, I partially peeled it away from the skin in different directions. Then, I reapplied the mask to any areas exposed from the peeling, let it dry, and did the partial peel again. With creative application and partial peeling, the dried mask looked like hanging skin. I went to the party and told guests I was a tanning salon owner.

Yes, it's gross! It's Halloween! Besides, it gets laughs and your fading Aruba tan would enhance it well. It's a 'break-glass-if-needed' costume, at least - yeah?

Probably a stupid idea, but maybe strangely appropriate.

My suggestion is either:

a) A hurricane. Would probably be difficult, but there's lots of room for creativity. Besides, Hurricane Aubrey has a nice ring to it. And by the looks of it, your life is rather stormy.

b) A hurricane reporter. You know, one of those wackos that stands in the middle of the hurricane as it makes landfall so they can report on the obvious (hey, it's really windy and wet). With this option, you can do something cool-ish like hairspray your hair so that it's completely horizontal and therefore looks like you're standing head-on in hurricane force winds. There's some room for creativity here, too.


That last one was me. Not sure what happened to my info....


i'm all about the vosotros tense...

suggestion: with some modifications, the kissing booth can be a voting booth.


Lyndie England, maybe? Or would that be too un-PC for the Google folk?


VOTING booth - that's a GREAT idea. Especially since my manager is super pro-Bush and let's just say I'm the antithesis of that.

(And not sure who Lyndie England is - sorry, I'm a bit slow today...must be a hurricane effect or something)

Keep the great ideas comin'!! There's PRIZES to be won!


Miss Hannigan from Annie,
Miss Roper from Three's Company,
Goth Chick (I like this one the best),
Mrs. Claus,
Prom Queen,
Donna Martin as Mermaid in the memorable 90210 (but then you know how much I love the 90210 costumes--> http://www.helenjane.com/images/blogimages/mattbrendakellygunnar.jpg)


I was Jesus last year but that probably works best for a guy. The best costume, which is easy and still relevant, was a person dressed head to toe in black, with black face paint on, wearing an iPod and a day-glo orange piece of paper stuck to his back - the iPod guy from the commercial...


personally, I think you should go with Kali the Hindu Goddess of Death. It's never been done *shrug*

With all the retro toys from our generation making a comeback, go as Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Brite! Silly, yes, childish, yes... but no one will ask, "uhhhhhh, who are you supposed to be?"


If you can have a partner in crime, one of you could wear a t-shirt with big black letters that spell "ALL THAT" and then the other one could wear a big plastic bag made to look like a giant bag of potato chips.

Eh, can't you... y'know, Google "Lyndie England"?

All you need are military fatigues, a cig, and someone to follow you around the party, taking pictures of you pointing at them.


How about a thermometer.

Last year my son went as a condom dispenser (like one you may see in a gas station bathroom). It was for a college party. Not sure it would be appropriate for an office party.


I went as a pylon last year. Made the base out of cardboard and covered it with bright orange clothe with duct tape where the reflective bits are supposed to be.

This year, I think I'll be going as a bottle of Corona, complete with a lime hat. :)



With Satan slash, handcuffs, black eyes and such.
A friend dressed up in this cosume last year and won first place. You can add your own imagination to it.


How about Sandy from Grease, if you have a partner he could dress as Danny

Niki V.

My fiance and I are going as black eyed peas (P's). We're going to wear shirts with the letter "P" on the front, wear boxing gloves and paint black circles around our eyes to represent black eyes. Hence- Black eyed "P"'s!! Get it??!!!
You could also wear all black and put a big, white number 8 on the front of you and go as the magic 8 ball and put quirky ans. in your pocket on paper to pull out when someone asks you a ques.


i sent a post to the wrong place earlier, i think. My suggestions were:

A "boo" bee...A bee with the sign that says, "boo"
a bag of groceries...piggly wiggly rocks!
a club sandwich..foam cut to look like bread, felt to look like chees, tomatoes, lettuce, etc, a club in your hand, and a pickle hat
a toilet...dress all in white and put cardboard under your shirt to make the tank, then add a seat to your lap, tissue box to your shoulder, and TP to your arm
A midget...this requires belly baring..your tummy is the face, a giant top hat, shirt from hips to knees and kids pants from knees to feet
Invisble man....an oversized trenchcoat hides your body and face, and a piece of wire suspends a hat and glasses about the coat
I love 80s charachters...gizmo, smurfette
Bright Idea: dress as a lightbulb


how did you pull of the kissing booth? My friend wants me to do that, but we arent sure how to. I wish I had so more Ideasa for you, but i dont- sorry.

Evil Jungle Princess

Here's a costume idea for halloween:

Go as a drunken Bush. You will scare everyone, even conservatives.

All you need is a Bush mask and a bottle and some moderate drunken acting skills.


I was having the same problem but I always come up with something. here a few ideas of costumes I have been in the past & won contests with:
Mr. Peanut, a book of matches or lighter (you can use the quote come on baby light my fire, a Jack in the box,a charge card (Visa, Amex), a flower, a box of tissues, a Shrimp cocktail, The Mona Lisa, If you have another person you could be 2 trees & a cloths line (each person is a tree & you hold a line with clothes pinned to it like a bra, boxers),2 people (guy/girl) go as streakers but the guy has the woman parts vise versa(it will make them look twice),If you have 3 people be a Ham & Cheese sandwich (2 people are slices of bread, made of foam, and the other is the Ham,made of a sheet, lettuce, cheese & tomato)when the ham is not with you, you are a Wish sandwich, wish you had some meat-ba ba balls. If all else fails you can be Martha Stwart she is this years big headliner.
Well those are some ideas I have more but I think that is enough for now. GOOD LUCK finding a costume.


Something I saw linked elsewhere...

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