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September 15, 2004



Reading through your weblog for the first time, I was a little uncomfortable for you, blogging very personal and heartfelt reports, even confessions, to a semi-anonymous chorus of surfing voyeurs. I've never believed in mainstream psychotherapy and felt this was similar, but potentially more painful, wearing your heart on your sleeve 'for daws to peck at'. Of course, you are already a professional writer, where a major part of your life is a presentation for a paying public, and we are all on the stage to some extent. The blog is a bit like an amplifier of more ordinary relationships, I guess. What's more, you have moved me enough to think a little, and to mail back, though I live many thousands of miles away and should be working. Forster once wrote "Only connect!". I'd hope you can do better and connect only with the constructive responses from your chorus. Or ride with the feedback and be the Jimi Henrix of the web!

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