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September 21, 2004



So, it must be difficult to tell, as a woman, whether or not your man has real feelings but gets nauseated when saying "I miss you" or he really just isn't into you at all. This sounds like the dilemma at hand. When is a man's piggy bank worthy of your emotional coinage?

Not surprisingly, many guys, myself included, experience the negative impact of the type of guy you just described. Some women don't really know what to do with a man that can express every his every emotion with heartfelt eye contact. Why? Look what they've had to deal with all their lives - absolute emotional retardation. I don't blame them. Ironically, most of these women have prayed to God for a guy that was honest, upfront, and communicative. But, it's like giving caviar to a cat - the appreciation just isn't there after all those years of Friskies.


Not to mention that when you've dated guy after guy with emotional retardation, you learn to EXPECT emotional retardation, and if by some fluke someone without that issue comes along, you have no idea how to deal with them.

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