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October 19, 2004



I've always been the fan of the big gesture. Especially when there's some good thought behind it.


you not only are a genius writer but u are a genius thinker! what u put into words are similar to my jumbled up complex thoughts. i have the highest respect for u. and i wish i could say what i thought like u, but i wish more that i could actually tell people what went through my connfused lil mind. brilliance is what your middle name should be, if it is not already.


Have previous letters and flowers outlived their usefulness?

Not that they could or should ever substitute for a lifetime otherwise without.

We shouldn't forget that even Lloyd had to work into his "bold move". "Friends with potential" wasn't very bold after all. But eventually, he got there. And the rest is the stuff of legend.

You'll get your Mr. Dobler some day. While it may not be in the year 2-7, it's doubtful you'll be waiting until the big 7-2. For the moment, your tragic flaw is working against you.

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