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November 16, 2004


You're a brilliant writer!


Yes, it definitely would be more fun to "just enjoy it while it's happening", but the very nature of a type "A" is one of logical order, reasoning, goal setting, and accomplishment. Therefore, it's contrary to believe one could just "let go", and still be type "A". Sure we can act like it on the surface, and we can swear to ourselves up and down that this time will be different; that we won't wonder about everything they say or do, (or what we say or do for that matter). But the truth be told, "it is who we is", and underneath the calm, cool, collected exterior we'll be boiling with uncertainty. Order and structure rules a type "A" personality, which makes "getting lost" in a relationship difficult, henceforth making relationships in general difficult. Sometimes the best way to change (if the desire is there to do so) is to shock the system. Do something unordered and illogical; make it a point to go against what you feel and break the type A-ness...

But the whole point of being in a relationship is to find someone you click with, based on who you are, not who you think you should be while in the relationship. I say pick up the phone and call if you want to. Email em' if the urge strikes.

Often times we hold back for fear of making a mistake when in reality the biggest mistake is, in fact, holding back.

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