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December 09, 2004



Single-dom is fine any other time of the year, something to be celebrate even, but it doesn't seem to fir with this time of year. There's a "traditional-ness" to the holidays that almost mandates having a *special someone*. Yes, it's a time of family and friends and closeness, and while family and friends are great, there's certain closeness that can only be shared with a partner; someone with whom you share an intimate connection. Spring is about freshness, rebirth, a renewal of one's self. Summer is excitement, adventure, fun. Fall is a time of reflection, a slowing of the summer energy and a gradual easing into the winter. Winter, with it's cold (or cold'er' temps for those of us in the South) is a time of warmth, tradtion, comfort, familiarity. A partner just *fits* with this time of year.

So is it silly to wish that? By no means! Revel in your single-ness, rejoice in your independence; you've earned that.

But if it makes you feel any better, I'll be alone this holiday season as well. Hell, I can't even get home to see the family...


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