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June 13, 2005



My deepest empathies. I've been where you are (household flea infestation), though with only one animal. I must say, it is very nearly one of the most suckiest things ever. EV-ER. I hope you get through it with your sanity intact. I am here to tell you that it will get better. But I won't candy-coat it. It will take days or weeks. As you may know, those little buggers are tough. However, eventually it will pass, though you won't even notice right away because the pace of your life will have carried you off and had its way with you until that one weekend, when you finally get to sit down for the first time in a month, and you think... hey, I'm flea-less! And you will continue with your hasty self, not thinking of that incident again for some time, because it's one of those experiences one never fathoms missing or dwelling upon but for that one instant of satisfying revelation.


Right there with you babe. I managed to kick the fiance' out but somehow ended up with his cat (which I am allergic to!). This then led to fleas in the house and on my baby, who in her ten years has never gotten a flea onto her canine self. So what did I do last Sunday? Yep! Freaked out, cleaned rigorously every surface I could find, then sat down and finally FINALLY watched (and this is what was so weird) the last two episodes of Alias and the season finale of Gray's Anatomy. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did, and that the last second (which even though I knew about I still jumped, screamed, and had to rewatch three times) took your mind off the little buggers jumping around!


Whatever you do, do not use any type of Hartz flea medicine. It could possibly kill your animals. I had a near death experience with my beloved Woody after cheaping out on the veterinarian stuff. Just don't do it! Check this website out in case you don't believe it. Spread the word: HartzVictims.org

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