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October 20, 2005


Sleepless in Smyrna

Hey Aubrey,

4:00 am on a Saturday, couldn't sleep, wanted to see what you've been up to these days! Last time I checked in I was excited to learn you just bought a new house! Now to learn you just moved to San Fran...wow..good for you! Maybe you will inspire me to make some big changes I have been hedging on for so long - and I just bought another townhouse last January, have been telling myself no way can I move again!!!! But, maybe I can, and it will help put an end to these sleepless nights.... (btw, this is Lyn, a long ago memory from BAH!)

steve boughton

I'll tell you what's worse than when people don't notice anything different about your "off" writing...when they don't think so much of what you believe to be your "on" writing. What if what you think is good, they think is bad? How do you resolve that?

Most of the time I feel more comfortable with handing in some off writing to an editor than i do to cranking out some off writing to a friend in an email. I mean I guess I'd rather be on with my friends on topics that ultimately matter to me than in some of the little literary postcards I write for publication.

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