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April 20, 2006



I rarely get comments but then my blog has less traffic. I would suspect that some people, while thinking of leaving comments, get distracted by the photo links on the right hand side (usually featuring attractive people in various states of drunken behavior) and leave to go check those out. It's just a theory, of course.

Beth A.

I'll bite! I love this and try to at least check in 2x a week and see how my girl is. I only go to 3 sites religiously and you're one


Words of affirmation are always nice, yes?

I never liked to write too much until I started reading you. So thanks!

Ann Carter

You got me! I have your blog saved in my favorites and check in 1-2 a week when I want to laugh. I'm reminds of your humor and how fun it was to have you in Atlanta.

I hear you on the positive reinforcement, even if you do have to ask for it.

Thank you,
Ann Carter

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