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August 31, 2006



You and I are MUCH alike in this regard. Only you are braver than I in your openness.

Catherine Mary Sabala

This is a great website, not only do we share the same last name, we share the same desk.!!!

I wish I found this website last year. I had an assignment in San Francisco, in Nob Hill, at St. Francis Hospital.

There is a diner across the street from the hospital. I would have my lunch at that had this wonderful grilled chicken salad. I need that recipe.!!! The waitress name was Mona. :)

I wrote a book, Birdsong. It is poetry, and other little essays. Available on Amazon.com, target.com, borders.com.
I don't know if it will be in the Target or borders, unless people ask for it.

I noticed your 43 things website also, and was wondering what the origin of that, and did you come up with?

Happy Holidays.
Peace: Noel: Joyeux


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