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October 04, 2006



We've been wondering.

Your readers (or the ones that don't [however unfortunately] know you in real life) have been rather confused.

One day you're back in Atlanta, then not so much. Thanks for finally clearing it up. So to speak. We hope that it clears up for you as well soon.

But it's good that we now know it is not just unclear for us, but also unclear for you. So we can sympathize for your confused self rather than feign thoughtfulness in lieu of our actual befuddlement.

Good luck and get well.


I would write a witty and/or snarky comment here, but my comments don't seem to get through moderation for some reason. Very annoying. A curse on Lila Belle for this dark and twisty censorship!


On a lighter note, just glad to se you have mastered the HTML code for the trademark symbol. So many people are too lazy to take the time to get it right. Dark and Twisty as well as detail oriented. I would say more "Veronica Mars" than "Gilmore Girls" but you are most certainly on the CW (and I mean that as a compliment) as opposed to ABC. Say hi to Tom Welling for me.

Jason Shugars

Yay! I love Dark and Twisty Aubrey!
It's sort of like when I got the new Luke Skywalker Star Wars figure from Return of the Jedi not the one with the white shirt from the original Star Wars movie and the new one had the robot arm 'cause it got chopped off in The Empire Strikes Back and the new one was wearing black and with the lightsaber that extended out of his arm when you slide the little plastic piece up and down and even though it sometimes got stuck and even though the neon color looked fake it was such an improvement on white shirted Luke because that was just ghey and no one wants a Star Wars figure who looks ghey but everyone wanted the Darth Vader figure 'cause he wore black and looked cool but not everyone could be Darth because then you have a power struggle and someone would eventually cry or tell your mom and so the new black shirted Luke with the cool slidey lightsaber solved that problem lickety split especially if you were the first kid on your block to get black shirted Luke.

Man that was so cool. Just like Dark and Twisty Aubrey.


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