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October 23, 2006


Larry H

Questions, quibble, and comment.

How are your suitors tipping the scales into stalker territory? (Isn't that like a pre-Ick Ick?)

Do you think the reference to shopping at "The Victoria's Secret" might indicate some likemindedness with the Preznit, who just the other day, when asked on CNBC if he used Google, said that he likes to pull up maps "on the Google"?

Quibble: A person who's 35 ought not be thought of as middle-aged. If you can think of 40 as the new 20, imagine all the great shite you can get away with -- both before and after you turn 40, which you will some day -- and how you can justify what some puritanical hypocrites might consider irresponsible behavior, by chalking it up to life as a 20-something.

How does someone TRY to get married? Do they do the blood test apply for the license, begin the ceremony, and then get interrupted by the minister/justice of the peace who says something like, "I'm sorry, we can't continue with this. You're not qualified to be married. You need to try harder than this."

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