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June 07, 2007


Larry H.

Dude, you've got another year of your 20s yet to go. It's like the Millenneum. It didn't start in the year 2000, but the year 2001. Why? Bc the first millenneum started in the year 1, the year JC was born. So if the second millenneum ended at the end of 2000, and the new one started in 2001, it stands to reason that your second decade ended at the end of your 20th year, and your third decade (hello, 10 years later), will end at the end of your 30th year. Thus your twenties didn't begin until you turned 21 (why d'ya think that's the drinking age?), and your thirties won't begin until you turn 31. Many happy returns of the day :-)


Happy 30th, Aubrey. I've been there for a year and a half now, and to be honest it's not really that bad, save the now-conspicuously creaky joints and shady memory. So enjoy it! You might be forgetting it in a week or so. ;)

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