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July 24, 2007


Cyril Hanquez

Hi Aubrey,

i agree 100% with you when you say "I want my Pownce to post to my Facebook and my Twitter; my Facebook to import to my blog; my Blog to post songs to Pownce, and I want it in one simple, user-friendly control panel.".

I think we are very close to have such apps. : everyone is releasing their public API (Pownce one will be public soon), and with great "tools" like AIR, it has never been so easy to liberate his own creativity to make our dreams come true. Personally, i will start working on a Pownce/Twitter single app, but i'm a bit lazy, i prefer waiting for someone to create an AS3 library for Pownce.

"Aubs, Everywhere", sounds good :-)

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