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August 29, 2007



Aubrey, in my MFA program we had quite a few peeps WAY OLDER than 34...I have no doubt that you actually would fit in and do well.

My motto is it's never too late to go back to school.

I suppose that's why I haven't really left...


I wish someone would french braid my hair! I totally can't do it. I will be in CA in February. details to follow. I have been reading you every time you update since we got back, you are on my bloglines baby! As for Haggard, well, you are beautiful, no matter. But perhaps a couple naps? I dunno, but take care of yourself.


Your misgivings aside, I personally think you write really well!

And to make a more informed decision, I just spent the last hour reading some of the blogs you recommended (thanks for the excuse to procrastinate - as if I needed it!) and the conclusion I've come to?

Well, again, I think you write wonderfully :)

Have a great trip to SB, sounds like it'll be a welcome respite.

Ciao ciao,

- F

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