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December 26, 2007



As a fan of The Weakerthans, may I please recommend "left and leaving"? You won't be disappointed. Happy 2008!


Just as a clarification, I don't view Health Month as anything to do with the new year. It is in January because it's the best month to do it socially, and when we need it most from the winter. It is a gesture, I suppose, but sort of a gesture like Buy Nothing Day or Black History Month.


Hey you! I'm all about not making resolutions any longer and with the exception of giving up all food items that begin with a 'CH' for Lent back in 2000, I've been sticking to my guns (dude, that was a HUGE undertaking. just think about the things you'd give up!). This NYE, however, my plan is to include others in a resolution of sorts. It's more like a plan, but for the sake of tradition, I'm calling it a resolution. This plan is mostly about a solid attempt in '08 to become more learned about the financial matters behind real estate and investments...boring, huh? Anyway, happy new year and see you soon!


Someone wrote on their blog, that their resolution was to just "be better", perhaps i cribbed it from Helen Jane. I think it is brilliant.

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