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February 06, 2008


Amanda Kelso

Aubs- that is fantastic!! Congrats on the new gig, and it sounds perfect for you!


in honor of your first day at work, i'm calling out sick to lay around on my ass. for reals!

but anyhow - congrats again and have an amazing first day!!!

YOU ARE KICK ASS! And almost no one I know picks one job or profession and does it forever. It isn't how we do things anymore. I think you are fantastic and anyone is lucky to have you.

I also think it is important to acknowledge that it is OK not to know everything about your future or what you "want to be". When I was a student advisor I told people that ALL the time.

Can you explain what digg is to me now? I am without clue.



congratulations! i'm happy the firing squad didn't make it into your version.


Congrats honey!! Can't wait to hear how your first day was! yay! xo

Jess Owens

weeee-ho! you got the job! yea, congratulations!!!!

Steve Boughton

I'm just guessing here, but i figure that even though you spent all that time in solitude, you were probably not tied to a tree, nor were you eaten alive by ants. Which just about sums up the lowlights of those days in Macondo.


Congrats Aub! I very excited for you.

Michael Galli

Thats awesome Aubrey, I still am waiting for my "dream job". I have a good one now, just not great and I am walking through it absolutely...And that makes me disapointed in mah-self.

Eric Marcoullier

Congrats, yo! When's the celebration?

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