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July 09, 2008



Nice post.I just started using FriendFeed and like it very much but yes, my life is pretty much transparent. It makes me ask the question, will my online behavior change because I know it's being blasted everywhere? For instance, will I participate less in networks like Twitter or Flickr as a result of all of this aggregation?


Or will it change what you share on Friendfeed (even more likely from my vantage point?)

Long Nguyen

When it comes to social networks, pretty much everything we do can be accessed by anybody. For example, this post and these comment can be seen by anybody who comes here.

There are few exceptions like Facebook where people can turn most features on and off.

Concerning Flickr and del.icio.us, they both allow users to set their photos and bookmarks private.


I totally noticed this when FF notified me that people were liking my YouTube favorites. FF is like the Facebook feed on crack.

Dave Levine

Slowly limping into Friendfeed, and feel like this transparency issue is going to keep increasing - and making sketchy dudes/chix all the more visible...and make our crushes that much more easy for all to see.


Thanks for outing FF. I was curious what the reaches of its social tentacles were.


I try to limit my personal photos on flickr, if people want to see them I host them locally on my home computer....I'm less worried about the stalker, then the person who will photoshop it and put it into something that could hurt my future career.

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