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August 14, 2008



yeah stay w/ the coke light, coke normal is way too sweet over here. (the locals like it that way)

never bite any of the food here, they don't de-bone anything. too many visitors over here have chipped their teeth. try to get some good dim sum, stay away from where all the caucasians eat(yes, that's how the locals refer to anyone who is not Asian)

security is annoying...but like the US, a lot about show of force

seems rather empty up there, I know they've told most of the residents to stay home.

If you haven't had a foot massage, do that....it's a China thing, I've had many meetings over that, they're great - but don't walk much afterwards...they can be a bit painful to start but after it's done you'll want to go back again.

that cube looks cool

Angie Garza

You are so lucky! Can't wait to read more...ang


I'm glad you got over the Mongolian Death Flu you had.

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