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October 02, 2008


Andrew Mager

Aubs, congrats :) I want.


CONGRATS, woman!!!! So proud of you. When does it hit the shelves? (Or did I miss that part?)


congrats honey!! the first of many published works, no doubt.

can't wait to see it IRL! wahoo!

daisy barringer

Congratulations! You are smart, funny, and talented and this accomplishment PROVES it.

Thank you for sharing ALL of your cringe-worthy moments over the past two and a half years with me. Not that there are a lot or anything. ;)

Love you. Congrats. You rock. Can't WAIT to buy the book.


congratulations, aubrey! I'm sure this is only the beginning of your words being captured by the binding!

Arshad Y. Khan

Congrats Aubrey!

I can just imagine how thrilled you must be. Will certainly check out the book.

Michael Ferguson

Congratulationes! Can't wait to read it!


Congrats! Looking forward to reading the full-length hardcover someday


yay! congrats. You need to come back to atlanta to celebrate. Maybe on your book tour.


Do Want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


always feels good to be published. congrats


Nice blog.....been reading a few post.

Good stuff.

Kelly Olexa

Just discovered your blog, read the first post and had to say, Congratulations. Writing a book- getting published, a dream of mine too. Although clearly I have never gotten as far as you did. That is fantastic!! I'll be here often. Love the blog!

Kelly O

Ray Wallace

Congrats! I am looking forward to reading it.




Congrats Aubrey !

It's A Jaime Thing

Congratulations!!! You should be very, very proud of yourself - that's awesome!

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