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December 18, 2008



Love the mix! I also really liked the one you tweeted about a while ago, "The End's Not Near"

I was playing that one for days, can't wait to start listening to this one.


sigh. dude, who (with a heartbeat, especially if you've seen him live) ISN'T in love with patrick p? he makes me kind of weak-kneed. especially since he grew that beard.


All good stuff, and it flows together so nicely. Thanks for sharing your creativity!


thanks aubs


Thanks Aubrey!
I don't know a lot of these artists yet, so I'm looking forward to having a listen.
Have a great Christmas etc!


Great mix, thanks! I am a jazz guy and love the classic stuff so I am behind on what's new and hot. It makes me want to write about music again too which is nice.


Thanks Aubrey. This looks like a very interesting list of songs, many which I'm not familiar with. Looking forward to checking them out.

Mike Wever

Thanks Aubrey. Downloading songs now... Great story behind it. Wishing you a very Happy New Years!


Nice mix. Looking at the names, a bunch I know are great songs; the rest I look forward to hear. thanks for sharing!

Jeremy Tanner

I'd been looking forward to your best of 2008 as the end of the year came after I'd enjoyed the best of 2007 that you'd put together. Had a chance to listen yesterday and I think I've been through it 3 times already. Thanks!



Thanks for the music and taking the time out to make all that. Impressive! Listening and going to jam in the morning. Hope your keeping to your no drinking in Jan. while your at Sundance!! I'm going to do no drinking in Feb. thanks to your idea! I go out way to much and need a liver transplant.



Nice. Very, very nice!


passion pit. band of the year!


Not really a fan :/ I suppose if I were more indie I would like this. Matt and Kim are obviously great and so are The Nationals and Kings of Leon, but as I listened to these songs most of them just ran together and didn't stick out at all as original or interesting. Just my opinion.


Hope you don't mind, but I loved the mix so much I popped it up on 8tracks (with credit to you and a link back) hope you don't mind...

You can find it here

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