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November 04, 2009



Over the weekend I did move my blog to the SquareSpace platform. I had a few glitches but the support department replied back quickly - yes even on the weekend. Everything imported easily. Good luck with whatever you do.

btw - I am no way affiliated with SquareSpace other than as a customer.

daisy barringer

Why don't you just switch to one of TypePad's new microblogging templates? "Chroma" and "Pico" are both awesome and - with all of TypePad's amazing new updates - make blogging and posting super easy.

Leah Culver

Hmm.. as far as I know TypePad doesn't support importing content from other blogs (yet?).

You could post your audio to Tumblr then use the TypePad Blog It bookmarklet to repost from Tumblr to this blog. It's not ideal, but probably only a few clicks.

Actually, the Blog It bookmarklet is the shit. If you don't have it already, you can get from the sidebar of your blog's main page (the page with the stats).

I've been going nuts with the bookmarklet lately at http://leahculver.typepad.com/

That blog uses the Chroma theme which Daisy mentioned. It's very Tumblr-y.

Here's another one: http://ptp.typepad.com/sadblog/


I'll be happy to help you set up a wordpress blog if you like - I set up http://evolvingmusic.mixmatchmusic.com/ and maintain http://thatswhatsamsaid.com/ (although I didn't design the themes).


why not Posterous.com?
you can host your own domain http://posterous.com/help/custom_domain

import your posts from multiple sources & do a reverse push to multi-sources?


Why don't you migrate to Posterous?

It might not be as pretty as Wordpress, but still is very customisable.

And your old posts from your Typepad account can be imported and then edited/deleted and merged with your new Posterous account.

See here http://posterous.com/import#blogs

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