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December 03, 2009



Count me in - let the first day of heartbreak begin - many, many more to go. nothing can cure this type of pain - it's the only feeling present in me.

Chris Wright

There's no avoiding the pain, but pain makes it worthwhile. How brilliant would life's "ups" really be if the "downs" were negligible? How odd, the dizzying situations that confound and distress us are the very ones we learn from the most - at times when learning and comprehension seem impossible. Hindsight is 20/20, indeed, but risk, though blind, I say it's the better of the two.

Debra Oliver

The pain of a breakup is hard to explain, and even harder to take every day. As I recall asking my former lover, former future husband, former best friend," How do I get over you? How do I stop thinking you? How do I stop wanting you?" Asking, as if he would have the answer. If he was causing the pain he SHOULD have the answer, shouldn't he? When all I actually wanted to hear was..."I can't stop thinking of you either." Like a fairytale in my head. But, my name is not Alice and this was not the looking glass. So, here I sit far in the future...not feeling the pain. Not feeling...anything. What is worse? Well, I am not in a hurry to jump down the proverbial hole once again. When offered the pill of love and angst my lips will part, over my teeth it comes, look out love, here I come......again.

miss denis if youre nasty

just read this b/c i'm totally behind on reading my, um, reader. not gonna get personal but how could i *not* comment in support of this post. i'd love to explore this part of your opening paragraph a bit more. maybe not "publicly" but i think it's a unique piece of our puzzle:

"a common theme surfaced...the transparency of the internet these days is rubbing the proverbial salt in every one of our overly-sensitive wounds. Sure, social media helps us connect with each other, but in so many ways, these 'connections' are mere 1s and 0s that are but cheap facsimiles of real, authentic connection. They leave us faced with information overload, and when you're going through a breakup, it's often information you don't want to hear. Photos you don't want to see. Knowledge that, five years ago you wouldn't have had. For the most part, knowledge that we *shouldn't* have, but do. And it's turning what is at best an awful situation into an unbearable one."

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