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February 17, 2010



beautiful bagy and gena


Being handicapped by my current non-existing paycheck, I have had to get creative with my shopping addiction. Favorite item of my unemployment? Believe it or not, I'm in love with my old school oversized grey sweatshirt. I cut the neck out so it hangs off of one shoulder for a disheveled (yet sexy?) look. For someone unemployed, this is the must-have wardrobe item. I can wear it with leggings, a bright tank top and Uggs, and it almost LOOKS like I didn't just crawl out of bed.

Julija McDowell

Oh! I was so surprised to see Dray here! Too bad he was not sporting his "lumberjack" shirt, as well. I don't own anything worthy of being called "favorite". Maybe one day. Even if I did it would be stained or smell of baby-excretion.

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