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July 04, 2010



aww, love you lady! are you here in SF today, can we celebrate (er, drink) together at some point today or soon? xoxo


I think we share for connection, as well as self serving. I originally started with Pownce then twitter, while I was traveling & stuck in remote corners of the world. I was only once every few weeks near someone who was a native english speaker, & thus I needed someone to talk to. There are times when I do say only to be say, & I do feel that 85% of the those on twitter are on a soapbox & don't want a rebuttal.

Connections, whether loved or hated ones, will continually effect you & your decisions.


Like yourself I tend to censor myself, a lot. Probably to much at times. I tend to keep stuff bottled up, and sometimes it gets contained to long and it all comes rushing out, usually at a person that does not deserve it. I personal am trying to work on this by trying to write. Though at the moment it is not going well. I find your comment about "am I missing that person, or merely missing someone" very real to life. I believe most people don't want to be alone, therefore end up settling. Months, maybe years will go by and something changes so you go your separate ways. At which time you look back and ask why you were with them in the first place. Was it because you loved them or merely because you didn't want to be alone? The answer could be a little of both. All I know is that even though it is easier now than ever to meet people with the internet and other ways, I find it harder to meet real genuine people that actually care. Now, head up, look forward, and set your sites on the road. As I always tell people, things happen for a reason, you might not know at that time what those reasons are, but you will eventually. Good Luck!

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