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July 26, 2010



Hi! I always enjoy your music lists -- our tastes are very similar -- so I wanted to recommend a band I love that maybe you don't know about. (Or maybe you do?) It's Frontier Ruckus. They have a new album, "Deadmalls and Nightfalls," -- the track "Silverfishes" is really good. As is "The Upper Room." And everything else.

From their previous album, "The Latter Days." Oh my heck it's good.

(Thanks for introducing me to Fanfarlo, by the way! LOVE THEM.)

Sian Wadsworth

Dear Aubrey,

I've been following you for a few years now and I would like to say you're awesome. Because of you I have been introduced to bands like Frightened Rabbit, Phoenix (OMG Wolfgang Amadaeus Phoenix is still my favourite album ever), Wolf Parade, Stars, The New Pornographers and many many more. Thankyou for the playlists too - I love finding new bands to listen to :) I saw Mumford and Sons last month at the Eden Project in Cornwall (UK) and they were amazing so I am glad you have discovered the too. I just wanted to say thankyou and also in return introduce you to my fav band of the moment - Camera Culture :) Hope you like.




I always look forward to your mix tapes! I love being introduced to new (or new to me) music.

And doesn't it feel good to check something off the list??

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