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March 08, 2011


corey d

Working in music tech, and at one point licensing music to film, this is my 11th sxsw and ive been there for all three purposes, usually staying for the entire 10 day conference. while music has always been magically crowded and intimate all at once; i remember when interactive was quiet and magical.

SXSW Music has always been magic; the venues are crowded but the shows are so intimate and frequent it doesn't much matter. But the industry has waxed on over the years about how SXSW used to be a place to sign bands like the flaming lips - now it's more about showcasing. Ok, fine by me. Yet the old timers still wax nostalgic.

For years, when interactive was a burgeoning yet navigable event, I spent days on end during music explaining to my music brethren that they needed to go to interactive. I told them to try twitter in '07, they made fun of me for saying the word out loud. This year, many will be there.

Now during interactive, i spend days convincing tech people to stay for music (they don't.)

Either way, no matter what, I always take a day off to go to the vintage stores on S Congress. And every year i come back with a new shirt as a result.

xo. don't worry. it will be fine. just don't pass out at the airport wearing the company shirt like i did in 2006.


Just FYI, we don't call it "Lady Bird Lake"—it's still Town Lake to us.


You know, there is another option besides going South for SXSW...come up to Toronto,Canada for NXNE!

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